North Carolina State Trooper Training

If you’re looking to become a State Trooper in North Carolina, you’ll be joining the ranks of 1,820 law enforcement professionals who help to keep citizens and travelers in North Carolina safe on over 78,000 miles of roadway. Here are the steps you need to go through to join this elite group of law enforcement officers.

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7 Steps to Become a State Trooper in North Carolina:

  1. Meet the Basic Qualifications
  2. Submit your Application
  3. Pass Physical and Written Exams
  4. Undergo Interview, Polygraph, and Background Check
  5. Medical Exam, Psychological Test and Post-Offer Interview
  6. Attend Trooper Academy for Training
  7. Undergo On the Job Training

Step 1. Meet the Basic Qualifications for North Carolina Trooper Candidacy

Certain basic requirements must be met before being considered for North Carolina State Trooper jobs:

  • You must be at least 21 years old to apply to become a State Trooper in North Carolina
  • You cannot be older than 39 years old when you start North Carolina Basic School for State Troopers
  • The NCHP prefers that you have a college education (You must have a High School Diploma or an equivalent GED at minimum.)
  • You must not have had any Felony offenses or serious misdemeanor convictions
  • You must be willing to live and work anywhere in North Carolina
  • You must have excellent vision (Each eye must be 20/20 after correction.  Uncorrected vision cannot be less than 20/100 in each eye.  If you do have vision that is less than 20/20, it must be corrected to that standard in each eye.)
  • You must be physically fit
  • You must possess a valid North Carolina driver’s license

Step 2. Create Your Applicant Profile, Complete Your Application and
Have it Reviewed

Create your applicant profile on-line. Here is the Application Guide that lists the steps to follow. Once you have created your account, log in and complete your application.

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Before mailing in your application to Professional Standards, you must have it reviewed by a recruiting officer.  Here is a list of which recruiters to contact for the county you live in or for those applying from out of state.  Contact the recruiter specific to the troop you’re looking to join:

Step 3. Pass Physical and Written Exams

Your score on the written standardized test that examines reading comprehension must indicate at least a 10th grade reading level.

You must be able to pass the Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research physical fitness test with at least a score of 50% that accounts for your age and gender.

If you pass the physical test, you will then take the Law Enforcement Candidate Record (LECR). This contains a verbal and recall section and a section on biographical data.

Step 4.  Undergo an Interview, Polygraph and Background Check

For your Background check, both your state and Federal Bureau of Investigation Records will be examined.

You must successfully complete a polygraph examination.

You will be interviewed by the North Carolina Patrol Applicant’s Review Board.

Step 5.  Medical Exam, Psychological Test, and Post-Offer Interview

You must pass a medical examination and meet the standards of the Patrol Medical Services Director.  This includes drug screening.

You must also pass a psychological examination.

Once you have passed all of the examinations, the Patrol Commander will review your test results and application to decide if you are ready to undergo training to become a North Carolina State Trooper.

Step 6.  Attend the North Carolina Trooper Academy for Training

You will be trained at the North Carolina Highway Patrol Basic School. The training period for those without previous law enforcement training is 29 weeks long.

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Academy training to become a State Trooper in North Carolina involves such areas as

  • Lectures ranging from topics such as the history of law enforcement to such practical matters as handling crowds
  • Physical Training:  both principles and training such as boxing
  • Firearms Handling:  using handguns and shotguns during the night and day
  • Precision Driving
  • Field Work:  12 weeks on becoming self-sufficient as a State Trooper

Step 7.  Complete On the Job Training

Once you have graduated from the Academy, you will be sworn in as a Probationary Trooper and assigned to your district.  There, you will go through the North Carolina Field Training and Evaluation Program.  You will train for 12 weeks with an experienced Field Training Officer.

As a State Trooper in North Carolina, you can expect a salary that will range between $33,190 and $52,063 a year.

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