Nebraska State Trooper Training

The Nebraska State Patrol offers a variety of opportunities for aspiring law enforcement officers. Opportunities include highway patrol officers, criminal investigators, forensic specialists and natural security duties.

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The requirements to enlist in as a Nebraska State Trooper are very challenging, and thus you will be asked to pass a number of exams and tests that are meant to measure your competency and ability to fulfill all of the duties necessary to be a state trooper.

In order to apply for Nebraska State Trooper jobs, you must first review these six steps:

  1. Verify your eligibility
  2. Take a written/ oral entry-level exams
  3. Pass the preliminary interview
  4. Pass the physical exams
  5. Pass a background check
  6. Attend the Nebraska State Patrol training academy

Step 1. Minimum Qualifications and Requirements

When considering how to become a Nebraska State Trooper, you will first need to meet the basic requirements as outlined on the Nebraska State Patrol website:

  • Must be at least 21 years of age by the time the oath is taken
  • Must be a United States citizen
  • Must have a high school diploma or a GED and be able to read and speak English at an 11th grade level
  • Must be in good physical and mental condition
  • Must possess good hearing and vision
  • Must be of good character, with high moral standards
  • Must have a driver’s license
  • Must have a clean driving record without any serious offenses or frequent offenses
  • Must not have any tattoos, brandings or piercings that can not be covered by the uniform
  • May not have any felonies or any misdemeanors involving violent or aggressive behavior
  • Must not have smoked marijuana with in the last two years
  • Must not have used any illicit drugs with in the last five years
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If you meet all of the minimum requirements, you can fill-out the initial application packet online. The application process takes 2-3 weeks. The application can be found here.

Step 2. Written/ Oral Entry-Level Exams

The written and oral examination, known as the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE,) is meant to measure your basic familiarity with the English language and abilities in mathematics and general knowledge. After passing this test and meeting basic requirements, you will go through a screening process and then invited to a short preliminary interview to assess your skills and qualifications.

Step 3. Preliminary Interview

The interview takes 15 minutes and is performed by a board of State Trooper officials. Your answers will be scored by the board, and that score will determine whether or not you move onto the next phase of the process.

Step 4. Physical and Mental Exams

In order to move onto the training academy, you will have to pass the following physical tests:

  • Body Mass Index
  • Dummy drag
  • 1.5 mile run
  • Weapons handling
  • Scale, lift and carry
  • Run with obstacle
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Step 5. Background Check

The next step in Nebraska State Trooper training is a thorough background check in which all the information acquired in the process so far is fact-checked and verified.

Step 6. Attend the Nebraska State Patrol Training Academy

After passing all of the tests, you will be invited to a pre-training interview and then offered a conditional employment agreement. You will then be required to enroll in the training academy, which takes 24-weeks.

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