Minnesota State Trooper Training

The state of Minnesota offers plenty of opportunities for aspiring State Troopers. Minnesota State Trooper jobs are separated into two categories based on prior job experience in criminal justice and law enforcement:

  • Non-experienced applicants
  • Applicants who have prior experience in law enforcement, criminal justice, security or military

Experienced candidates are not required to go through the basic application process and are placed into the academy faster than those with no experience.

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Minnesota State Trooper training depends entirely on which category you fall into, but each training session will adequately prepare you for a job in State Trooper work. It is important to note that no experience is necessary, but it does help you get your foot in the door.

The Application Process- Non-Experienced Applicants

Step 1. Filling out the LETO Application

If you do not have prior law enforcement experience you must first fill-out the Pre-Academy Training (LETO) Program Application. No experience is necessary, but a degree from two-year or four-year school is required.

Step 2. Meeting Basic Requirements

The next step is to make sure you do not have any of the following, which automatically disqualify you from beginning Minnesota State Trooper training:

  • A felony in Minnesota or any other state or jurisdiction
  • Assault in the Fifth Degree
  • Domestic Assault in the Fifth Degree
  • Crimes listed under Minnesota statutes concerning mistreatment and crimes against vulnerable adults
  • Prostitution related acts under Minnesota law
  • Theft (any dollar amount) under Minnesota statutes

There are a host of other disqualifiers which should be reviewed before applying.

Step 3. Passing the Physical Fitness Test

In order to qualify for the LETO application process and to go onto training, you must perform the following:

  • Score a minimum 50 out of 100 possible points
  • Vertical jump is tested and figures into the final score, but there is no minimum requirement
  • Perform as many sit-ups as possible in one-minute
  • Run 300 meters in the fastest time possible
  • Do as many push-ups as possible in one-minute
  • Run 1.5 miles in the fastest possible time

Step 4. Interviews and Background Check

Upon passing the physical fitness exam, you will move onto the interview process. The interview involves speaking with a panel of people in the State Patrol department and reviewing your qualifications and your reasons for pursuing a career with the department. After the first interview, you will be given a polygraph test, a drug test and then a thorough background check will be conducted.

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Successful applicants will then move on through the same process as experienced candidates.

The Application Process- Experienced Applicants

Step 1. Basic and Physical Requirements

Applicants who have prior law enforcement and/or criminal justice experience must meet the same physical fitness standards and must not posses any of the disqualifiers as stated above. The difference between the two training tracts lies in the next step of the process, in which you would be placed into the State Trooper academy and undergo training for a position with the Minnesota State Trooper Patrol.

Step 2. Exams and Background Checks

Once applicants are chosen, trainees are then subjected to a series of written and oral exams, which includes a thorough background check, a polygraph test and various sets of interviews. You will then be subjected to a medical exam, a psychological and stress test and then a post-offer interview should you pass all of the other requirements.

Step 3. Enrolling in the Training Academy

When it comes to how to become a Minnesota State Trooper, the final step is to join the training academy. You will be required to live at the academy site and will be subjected to everything from firearm handling, drills, stress testing and how to deal with the public, among many other things. The length of time spent at the academy depends on which tract you qualify for. LETO applicants are required to attend a pre-academy training session which lasts 15 weeks, and are not required to stay at the academy. Traditional applicants do not need to attend the pre-academy training classes. Graduated from the academy are then required to perform one week of class training and 11 weeks of field training before beginning their career as a Minnesota State Trooper.

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