Michigan State Trooper Training

Michigan State Trooper jobs involve performing various duties, including traffic enforcement, criminal investigations, homeland security operations, forensic analysis and many other policing duties.

Michigan State Troopers with the Michigan State Police are officers that are asked to perform duties that differ from those of community police officers. These State Troopers patrol the highways and state routes that crisscross Michigan. Most State Troopers are assigned to a specific geographical location and are responsible for patrolling that location in search of people committing traffic violations and other infractions and crimes.

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There are many types of specific jobs for Michigan State Troopers, including:

  • Vehicle safety inspectors
  • Dog handlers
  • Underwater search and recovery officers
  • Forensic scientists

Learning to become a Michigan State Trooper starts with reviewing these six steps:

  1. Verify you’re eligibility
  2. Pass the Entry-Level Law Enforcement Exam for Michigan
  3. Complete the Experience and Education Questionnaire
  4. Pass the physical agility test
  5. Pass the physical, background check and interview process
  6. Attend the Michigan State Police Academy

Step1. Verify you Meet the Minimum Requirements

When it comes to how to become a Michigan State Trooper, there are a set of basic requirements you must first pass in order to begin the application and training process.

The following is a list of the basic requirements needed in order to apply for a state trooper position:

  • You must be at least 21 years of age
  • You must have a high school diploma or G.E.D. College education is not required, but is recommended for applicants
  • You must be a resident of the state of Michigan and have a valid driver’s license from the state
  • You can not have a felony on your record
  • Your driving record must be free of any suspensions, revocations and moving violations within the past two years prior to applying
  • You must pass the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards minimum hearing requirements and vision requirements

Step 2.  Take the Entry-Level Law Enforcement Exam

When applying for a job as a State Trooper in Michigan you must take the Entry-Level Law Enforcement Examination. The test is broken up into three sections: human interaction, reading ability and incident observation report writing.

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The initial written examination is meant to measure the skills and knowledge that you’ll be able to bring to the position. After completion, selected applicants will be asked to move onto step three.

Step 3. Complete the Experience and Education Questionnaire

After passing the first step, you will be asked to take the Experience and Education Questionnaire, which requires you to provide comprehensive information about your educational and civilian background.

Step 4. Pass Physical Agility Test

Applicants are then whittled down to the best of the best. In this step, you are asked to perform a physical agility test.

Step 5. Physical Exam, Background Check and Interviews

Upon passing the physical exam, you will be interviewed for the job and the Michigan State Police will thoroughly examine and review your history and background. Upon successfully passing those reviews and interviews, you will be scheduled for a hiring interview, which is the last step before training.

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The Michigan State Police will offer a letter of employment at this point. Once you accept the job you will be placed into a position that best matches your skills and strengths.

Step 6. Attend the Academy

At this point, Academy Training begins. Michigan State Trooper training typically lasts 19-21 weeks. Recruits are required to live at the academy during training. Once training is complete, recruits are placed into a position and officially become Michigan State Troopers.

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