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Law Enforcement Careers in Connecticut

The Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) is the governing agency of the following Divisions:

  • Division of State Police
  • Division of Statewide Emergency Telecommunications
  • The Division of Scientific Services
  • Police Officer Standards and Training Council
  • Commission of Fire Prevention and Control
  • Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security

Jobs with the Connecticut Highway Patrol

Connecticut’s Division of State Police includes more than 1,200 sworn State Troopers, 11 barracks strategically located throughout the state, and many specialized units.  The State Troopers of Connecticut provide the primary law enforcement duties in 82 out of the 169 municipalities in Connecticut and are the third largest police force in New England.

Individuals interested in State Trooper jobs in Connecticut must meet the minimum qualifications set forth by the DESPP, which include:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Be a United State citizen
  • Be in good health
  • Possess a high school diploma or GED
  • Have no felony or Class A or B misdemeanors
  • Pass the vision and hearing exams
  • Have a valid Connecticut driver’s license

Jobs with Municipal Police Departments in Connecticut


The Bridgeport Police Department has a number of special units within its police force:

  • Detective Bureau
  • Emergency Services
  • Hostage Negotiations
  • Marine Unit
  • Narcotics Enforcement
  • Scuba Team
  • Strategic Enforcement Team

Individuals who want to obtain Police Officer jobs in Bridgeport must meet a number of minimum requirements. They must be at least 21 years old; they must hold a high school diploma or GED; and they must possess a valid driver’s license. Before individuals can begin Police Office Training in Bridgeport, they must undergo testing by an oral interview panel, pass a written entry test, a background investigation, and a psychological examination, and test negative on a controlled drug screen.



The Hartford Police Department is divided up into the following Districts: Northeast District, Northwest District, Southeast District, and Southwest District. The Hartford Police Department also has K-9, Marine, and Negotiation Teams, a bomb squad, and a detective bureau, which includes the following Divisions:

  • Crime Scene Division
  • Intelligence Division
  • Juvenile Investigation Division
  • Major Crimes Division
  • Vice and Narcotics Division
  • Victim Services

Individuals seeking Police Jobs in Hartford must show proof of a high school diploma or GED, U.S. citizenship, and a valid driver’s license.

New Haven

The New Haven Police Department is divided into the following Bureaus/Divisions:

Investigative Services Bureau – Includes Firearms, Firearms, Arson, Identification, Auto Theft, Burglary and Robbery, Intelligence, Fraud, and Narcotics Enforcement .

Identification Division – Includes the Forensic Division, which includes the Crime Lab Unit , the Firearms Analysis Unit, the Identification/Photography Unit, and the Latent Print Unit

Major Crimes Division – Includes the Asset Forfeiture Unit, Missing Persons Unit, Financial Crimes Unit, the Arson Unit, , the Firearms Unit, and the Sex Offender Registry Unit

Vice, Narcotics, and Intelligence Division – Includes the Narcotics Unit, the Criminal Intelligence Unit, the FBI Safe Streets Task Force, the Shooting Task Force, the ATF Urban Task Force, the DEA Task Force, the US Marshalls Task Force, and the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

The Patrol Division of the New Haven Police Department includes 10 separate Districts. To qualify for Police Officer Jobs in New Haven applicants must: be a New Haven resident; be at least 21 years of age; have good English written and verbal skills; have a high school diploma or GED; be a U.S. citizen; have a valid driver’s license in CT.


The Stamford Police Department, in addition to a Patrol Division, has a number of specialized units, including: Collision Analysis and Reconstruction, a Motorcycle Unit, Special Victims Unit, Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, a Canine Unit, and a Marine Division. Individuals who want to begin Police Officer training in Stamford must be U.S. citizens; must be at least 21 years of age; and must hold a valid CT driver’s license.

Jobs with the Connecticut State Marshals

The State Marshal Commission, located within the Department of Administrative Services, is the governing agency for the following counties in Connecticut:

  • Windham County
  • Tolland County
  • New London County
  • New Haven County
  • Middlesex County
  • Litchfield County
  • Hartford County
  • Fairfield County

The Connecticut State Marshals are sworn law enforcement officers. The Connecticut State Marshals include about 250 state/post certified sworn and uniformed law enforcement officers. Law enforcement within the geographical area of Connecticut’s counties is provided by the town police departments.

Connecticut Law Enforcement Salaries

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2012-2013 Edition, which was released by the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following were the median Connecticut law enforcement salaries as of 2010:

  • Supervisors of Police and Detectives: $81,380
  • Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers: $63,230
  • Detectives and Criminal Investigators: $72,070

Salaries for Detectives and Criminal Investigators across Connecticut

Area name
Annual mean wage
Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk CT
Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford CT
New Haven CT
Norwich-New London CT-RI
Springfield MA-CT
Worcester MA-CT

Police Officer and Sheriff Salary in Connecticut

In 2000, Connecticut passed a law which abolished county sheriffs. However, constables are still responsible for acting as municipal officers in their respective localities.

The information below provides a better look at how much the police departments in Connecticut pay their officers:

  • Simsbury Police Department, Certified Police Officer: $52,910 to $77,020
  • Winchester Police Department, Certified Police Officer: $50,328 to $61,616
  • Clinton Police Department, Certified Police Officer: $58,996
  • Old Saybrook Police Department, Entry-Level or Certified: $47,447 to $76,153
  • Weston Police Department, Entry-Level or Certified: $55,121 to $78,155
  • West Hartford Police Department, Entry-Level: $49,712 to $63,050
  • West Haven Police Department, Certified Police Officer: $50,741 to $63,661

Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers Salaries throughout Connecticut

Area name
Annual mean wage
Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk CT
Danbury CT
Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford CT
New Haven CT
Norwich-New London CT-RI
Springfield MA-CT
Waterbury CT
Worcester MA-CT
Eastern Connecticut nonmetropolitan area
Estimate Not Released

State Trooper Salary in Connecticut

According to the State of Connecticut, Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, the state trooper salary in Connecticut starts out at $36,223 during academy training. Upon graduation from the academy, the salary increases to $50,011. In addition, the following benefits are also offered:

  • Shift differential of $0.75 per hour
  • Meal allowance of $18.88 per day
  • Cleaning stipend of $500 per year

Police Supervisors and Detectives Salaries throughout Connecticut

Area name
Annual mean wage
Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk CT
Danbury CT
Estimate Not Released
Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford CT
New Haven CT
Norwich-New London CT-RI
Springfield MA-CT
Worcester MA-CT

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