Alabama State Trooper Training

The Alabama Highway Patrol authorizes its troopers to conduct law enforcement operations anywhere in the state. In addition to enforcing state traffic laws, the Alabama Highway Patrol conducts investigations into a wide variety of criminal activities including homicides, robberies and narcotics smuggling.

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If you would like to learn how to become an Alabama State Trooper, please complete the following requirements.

  1. Assess your qualifications
  2. Submit an application packet
  3. Pass the written, physical and medical tests
  4. Submit to an interview and background check
  5. Complete Alabama State Trooper training

Step 1. Assess Your Qualifications

In order to begin the application process you must meet the basic qualifications for the Alabama Highway Patrol.

  • You must be 21 years or older
  • You must possess good moral character and reputation
  • You must have a high school diploma or a GED certificate (starting salaries are higher amongh two and four-year degree holders)
  • You must possess a valid Alabama state driver’s license
  • You must be amenable to posting to any location within the state
  • You must meet the minimum standards as stipulated by the Alabama Peace Officers Standard and Training Commission

Step 2. Submit an Application Packet

If you satisfy all of these qualifications, you may obtain an application the Alabama State Personnel Department. Applications may be submitted online, through the mail or in person. The application should include

  • Application forms
  • Certification from a doctor that you are physically able to receive training and perform as a law enforcement officer
  • Affidavit attesting that you meet all requirements under Title 36-21-46 of the Code of Alabama
  • Copy of high school diploma, GED or post-secondary transcripts
  • Two fingerprint cards

Step 3. Pass the Written, Physical and Medical Tests

If your application is approved, you will be asked to complete a written examination.  This examination will assess your basic reading, comprehension and mathematics skills. If you pass this exam, your name will be added to a waiting list for prospective state trooper jobs.

If your candidacy is approved you will be asked to complete the Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission Physical ability/Agility Test which includes

  • Pushing a standard patrol vehicle in neutral for 15 feet
  • Completion of a short obstacle course within 90 seconds
  • 1.5 mile timed run to be finished within 15 minutes and 28 seconds
  • One minute to complete at least 22 push ups
  • One minute to complete at least 25 sit ups

If you successfully pass the physical fitness exam you will be asked to submit to a vision, hearing and medical examination.  A psychological examination will also be administered.

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Step 4.  Submit to an Interview and Background Check

You will also be asked to interview with a member of the Alabama Highway Patrol, Alabama State Personnel Department or both. Following these tests, your background will be investigated to ensure that you have disqualifying histories including

  • Conviction of a felony
  • Registered sex offender
  • Prohibition from carrying a firearm
  • Dishonorable discharge from the military

You must also pass a polygraph test and a drug screening test.

Step 5. Complete Alabama State Trooper Training

Upon receiving approval for employment by the Alabama Highway Patrol, you will be required to complete a 24 week training program at the Alabama Criminal Justice Training Center in Selma.  In addition to a rigorous physical training and running regimen, trainees will take courses in the following topics:

  • Constitutional law
  • Criminal and traffic law
  • Criminal Procedure
  • First aid
  • Accident investigation
  • Pursuit driving
  • Public speaking
  • Firearms
  • Defensive tactics

As a State Trooper in Alabama you can expect the following starting salary:

  • No post-secondary degree – $33,223
  • Associate’s degree holder – $34,063
  • Bachelor’s degree holder – $35,798

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