New Mexico State Trooper Training

The State Trooper department in the state of New Mexico is under the jurisdiction of the New Mexico Police Department. Duties performed by State Troopers include aiding in criminal investigations and forensics work, performing vehicle searches and enforcing traffic laws, among many other things performed during New Mexico State Trooper jobs. New Mexico typically only hires State Troopers once a year, during the Spring.

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In order to begin New Mexico State Trooper training, you will need to meet a basic set of requirements and qualifications. When it comes to how to become a New Mexico State Trooper, applicants must first meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a citizen of the United States of America and a resident of the state of New Mexico
  • Must be at least 21 years of age by the time of graduation from the academy. Unlike many State Trooper jobs, New Mexico has no upper-age limits.
  • Must enroll in the training academy and graduate
  • Must have at least 60 credits from an accredited college
  • Must be in excellent physical and mental condition
  • Must have at least 20/30 corrected vision or 20/100 uncorrected vision
  • Must have no felony convictions
  • Must have a New Mexico-issued driver’s license
  • Must be willing to relocate anywhere in the state

If you meet all of the minimum requirements as explained by the New Mexico State Police Department, you can begin the application and recruitment process. The process consists of the following steps:

  • Step One: Fill-out an Application
  • Step Two: Physical Fitness Exam
  • Step Three: Background Investigation
  • Step Four: Oral Interview and Application Review
  • Step Five: Polygraph Test and Conditional Offer of Employment
  • Step Six: Enrollment at the Academy

Step 1. Fill-out an Application

Officials will review applications and determine who they feel are the best qualified to join the New Mexico State Troopers and begin training as an officer for the department. Application decisions are made within 4 to 7 weeks typically and you will be contacted initially via email.

Step 2. Physical Fitness Examination

The physical examination is the first test in the process. Once you pass the physical fitness exam you will be asked to perform a written examination on the same day.

Step 3. Background Investigation

The investigation will review your application and interview information in order to verify the accuracy.

Step 4. Oral Interview and Application Review

The oral interviews take place at the police headquarters located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Upon completion of all of the above steps, the application packet will be reviewed by the Chief of the New Mexico State Police. At this point, if you are chosen as a finalist for the department, you will be offered a conditional employment contract.

Step 5. Polygraph Test and Conditional Offer of Employment

Polygraph testing is meant to verify the accuracy of information obtained through the application process and is meant to measure your moral standards and history. The offer of employment is dependent on the results of medical and psychological testing which occurs during this part of the process.

Step 6. Enrollment at the Academy

The academy will train you for all the duties you will be required to perform as a New Mexico State Trooper.

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