San Diego Law Enforcement Won’t Help with Immigration Changes

Fallback from the tumultuous presidential election continues to come from sources around the country. Police and sheriff’s departments in San Diego are speaking out against President-elect Donald Trump’s aggressive stance on the deportation of illegal immigrants. Representatives

Chief Shelly Zimmerman issued an email statement after the election results stating that “the primary responsibility for the enforcement of Federal immigration laws rests with the United States Customs and Border Protection Services.”

While San Diego city and county officials have denied being a “sanctuary city”, it is on the list of cities that could lose out on federal funding if President-elect Trump gets his way and they refuse to cooperate.

Chief Zimmerman explained in her email that San Diego booking facilities have immigration officials on-hand who make the determination of which individuals that come through should be deported. Deputies currently only hold individuals for federal agents until their release date. They will however, divulge the details of the individual to the agents if they have already been released. In her statement, Zimmerman said that fingerprints of all individuals booked are checked for immigration status through the Department of Homeland Security. ICE agents are notified and must arrive before the individual’s release date if they want to take the individual into custody.

Zimmerman stated that the San Diego Police Department will continue to work with all necessary agencies to keep the city safe. She also stressed the importance of having a trusting relationship with the city’s immigrant population and valuing the city’s diversity.

Cities across the United States have also come forth to speak out on Mr. Trump’s proposal for a mass deportation of illegal immigrants. Chief Charlie Beck of the Los Angeles Police Department said that his officers will not be involved in deportation of individuals, stating that it is not their responsibility. is an education resource that is in no way affiliated with state, county or municipal law enforcement agencies. Please contact the proper authorities with any issues related to crime and law enforcement employment.Privacy Policy
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