Budget Cuts Push Alabama Law Enforcement to Consolidate Effort

Alabama State Troopers saw their budget reduced this year, cut alongside a variety of different government programs. The steps they have taken in response show that Alabama State Troopers will not necessarily suffer under these cuts, and may even thrive.

Prior to the budget cuts, Alabama State Troopers were concerned about having enough boots on the ground and with getting response teams to crime scenes as quickly as possible. One part of this process was making sure that there was 24 hour coverage 365 days a year, a difficult task in any industry. Two years ago, this would have been the responsibility of 14 different dispatch centers scattered around the state, however new steps taken by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency would see that work consolidated into 3 larger centers through partnerships with the Alabama National Guard.

Captain James Patterson, Director of Communications for, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, believes this will help them to deal with the budget cuts.

“We’re consolidating to be able to do that more efficiently, more effectively to provide the same number of services with less personnel,” said Patterson. More importantly, by consolidating funds and efforts spent on dispatchers, Alabama will be able to afford to put more officers on the ground and better patrol the state.

Currently, space and funding are limited for Alabama Law Enforcement, which receives most of its funding from the state general fund and from grants. As they raise the funds to make necessary remodels, they will also partner with the National Guard to help plan further remodeling of their facilities. There is no word on when new facilities will be constructed and start to see use, but hopefully the consolidation effort will allow Alabama police to better patrol and protect their jurisdictions.

Alabama may not be the only state forced to undergo consolidation, and it could very well set an example for programs across the country.

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