Drunk Suspect Apprehended Naked on Barn Roof

When attempting to evade the police, most suspects try to be as inconspicuous as possible. Many will take the time to substantially alter their appearance. Some will take drastic measures, burning off fingerprints and going under the knife with black market surgeons to rearrange their facial features. For others, a simple haircut or clothing change will do the trick.

For Daquan Tate, a 20-year-old resident of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, a simple change of clothes was not enough. For Tate, only removing all of his clothes would do the trick. Tate started his evening with a few drinks too many before getting behind the wheel of his car. While swerving his way down the highway, Tate crashed into a speed limit sign and then later into a mailbox before losing control of his vehicle.

Police say that Tate then continued to drive but was unable to maintain control of his vehicle. He crashed into an embankment and left his car on the side of the road. Now intent on evading police, Tate fled the scene.

The details at this point are more than a little murky. Police investigated the scene of the crash and were able to follow Tate’s trail to a nearby barn just off the road. There they found Tate in his birthday suit on top of the barn. Lucky for police, it was not necessary to pursue the now naked Tate onto the roof of the barn. Losing his balance, Tate fell from the roof and was then quickly apprehended by police.

Tate was not injured after falling off the barn roof and is currently awaiting trial for his actions. There is no word on what happened to Tate’s clothes, or whether he was wearing any to begin with. For the sake of his jailers, one can only hope he received a new ensemble upon incarceration.

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