Overzealous Star Wars Fan’s Stormtrooper Costume Leads to Arrest and School Lockdown

Fans old and new are excited for the upcoming Star Wars film directed by J.J. Abrams this Christmas. Some are doing a little better job of containing that excitement than others.

Forty-year old George Cross of Lynn, Massachusetts is one of the former. He now faces charges for wearing his white plastic stormtrooper costume from the Star Wars films. This is not a case of overbearing police censorship however. Cross, claims that he was walking through the neighborhood and giving his friends and neighbors the chance to check out his brand new costume. He strolled down the street in full dress, but the real mistake was in his choice of accessories.

He carried a fake gun, modeled after the weapons from the films, as he walked down his local streets. Now, if he had restricted himself to a strictly residential neighborhood, this might have been no problem. However, Cross strayed a little too close to the grounds of Brickett Elementary School in Lynn. He was spotted near the school, and the principal contacted local law enforcement to report a man with a gun.

The students were shepherded away as the school went through what would be a brief lockdown procedure. Cross’s actions, while telling of his devotion to the Star Wars films, were not the wisest. Spokesman from local police said that with the recent prominent school shootings and gun violence over the past few years that you simply can’t have people acting so flippantly, and Cross, “used bad judgment.”

He pled not guilty this last week to disturbing a school and to loitering, and may still face charges and sentencing. While his commitment to the films and fealty to the Empire isn’t in question, Cross might have to consult the force next time he thinks about wandering around in costume.

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