Genovese Crime Boss Pleads Guilty to Racketeering

The Mafia continues to be among the elite of organized crime in this country. Despite the best efforts of a wide range of law enforcement agencies, the Genovese Crime Family continues to be one of the most powerful members of La Cosa Nostra, a crime syndicate going back generations. Thus, it was a coup for law enforcement to arrest a Captain of this Crime Family and have him plead guilty to a variety of criminal activities.

Daniel Pagano served as a high-ranking member of the Genovese Family for a number of years and exercised a leadership role in the organization. His role as a Captain in the Family put him in charge of overseeing a wide range of criminal activities and settling disputes among Family members. Part of the perks of being a Captain is receiving tribute from lower level mob members for their illegal earnings.

While the full details remain sealed to the public, Pagano admitted to running an illegal gambling business in the New York City area for five years. Extortion was part of this process, and the full charges are racketeering which can carry a sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

It took the cooperative efforts of a number of law enforcement organizations to bring Pagano to justice. Although the FBI-NYPD Joint Organized Crime Task force conducted the investigation, a large number of law enforcement agencies contributed to gathering the intelligence that led to Pagano’s arrest and subsequent plea deal.

These agencies worked together as part of the Department of Justice’s Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force program. This broad group included both federal and local New York law enforcement agencies:

  • FBI
  • DEA
  • ICE Homeland Security Investigations
  • New York City Police Department
  • New York State Police
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