Chicago Police Attend Domestic Violence Training

Chicago police officers will now be specially trained to better handle domestic violence calls, thanks to a new intergovernmental task force plan.

A Comprehensive Training Program

The new domestic violence training program includes three, main components that are designed to be addressed by different agencies. The first part includes an e-learning exercise to provide officers with a refresher prior to instruction. The program is completed in conjunction with Cook County’s State Attorney’s office.

This new domestic violence training program is designed to boost the accuracy of case reporting and to ensure that details of a domestic violence call are properly reported. Further, Chicago police officers will receive training from the Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network and the Department of Family and Support Services as to better understand the psychological and emotional effects of domestic violence.

A Call for Action for Chicago’s Domestic Violence Epidemic

Domestic violence training cannot be undervalued, as it is estimated that the CPD answers about 200,000 domestic calls every year. What is, perhaps, more shocking is that 30 to 40 percent of all domestic violence cases in Chicago result in homicides.

The task force was created by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, members of the Department of Family and Support Services, Cook County State Attorney Anita Alvarez, and the Chicago Police Department. Said Mayor Emanuel, “Domestic violence victims are engaged in a “cycle of violence for years.” He went on to say that the job of Chicago law enforcement officials is to help break the cycle of domestic violence by developing strategies that allow them to detect high-risk situations and intervene with necessary services.

The specialized training received through the task force program will help officers develop a better response strategy for domestic violence incidents and provide helpful services for victims of domestic violence and their families.

This domestic violence initiative comes on the heels of the opening of the city’s first domestic violence shelter in more than 10 years. is an education resource that is in no way affiliated with state, county or municipal law enforcement agencies. Please contact the proper authorities with any issues related to crime and law enforcement employment.Privacy Policy
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