What Makes a Great Law Enforcement Professional?

What makes a law enforcement officer great? Although the answer to this question may be up for debate, we have assembled a list of traits that are a common thread throughout some of the nation’s best and brightest law enforcement officers. Here are our top picks for the most valuable traits in a law enforcement officer:

  1. A level head – From disrespectful citizens to daily frustrations involving frivolous situations, a law enforcement officer must have a level head. A level-headed law enforcement officer can handle the largest of situations with a calm collectiveness, while still being to handle the daily minutia often associated with a job in law enforcement. Being able to take a step back, collect yourself, and proceed ahead with a level head is a must to being a successful law enforcement officer.
  2. Unwavering ethics – A strong ethical standard is perhaps, one of the most crucial traits of a law enforcement officer. Are you willing to see to it that everyone is abiding by the rules? Are you willing to act if you witness misconduct or corruption, even among your fellow officers? A strong sense of moral fortitude is of the utmost importance for law enforcement officers to possess, even when making the right decision is not always the most popular decision.
  3. Appreciation for teamwork – The position of a law enforcement officer, whether at a state police level or a county sheriff’s deputy level, always requires an appreciation of teamwork. If you appreciate teamwork, you are able to consider and accept others’ opinions and take leadership and direction from others. You know you are always working toward the greater good, and you revel in the camaraderie within a team dynamic.
  4. Confidence – Law enforcement officer must have confidence in their abilities. They must be able to walk into a situation and know what needs to be done. Confidence means acting and not analyzing every detail. It means doing what needs to be done – often in a split second – to get a situation under control and to maintain calm in a stressful situation.

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