Law Enforcement Careers in Oregon

According to 2011 statistics from the FBI, the rate for both violent and property crime in Oregon continued its trend of decreasing.  Part of this drop can be attributed to the work of law enforcement officials in Oregon.

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Those who seek law enforcement careers in Oregon have a wealth of opportunities to choose from ranging from jobs as State Troopers, Sheriff’s Deputies, or Police Officers.

Jobs with the Oregon State Police

The Oregon State Police are involved in helping to protect those who drive on Oregon’s public highways and assisting local sheriffs’ and police departments.  In addition to transportation safety, troopers with the Oregon State Police are involved in a variety of measures to help protect public safety, including handling tsunami debris, enforcing gambling laws, intercepting drug shipments, and dealing with major crime investigations.

In 2013, the Oregon State Police received grant funding from the state’s Department of Transportation to provide overtime for officers to help decrease the amount of roadway departure crashes, which are frequently fatal.

Those seeking jobs as State Troopers in Oregon must pass a written test to be considered.  Applications must be submitted on-line.  Those who are applying are advised to work on their level of fitness, since many applicants do not pass the Physical Abilities Test.  Read more information about how to become an Oregon State Police Officer.

Jobs with Sheriff’s Departments in Oregon

The counties of the state provide numerous opportunities for jobs as Deputy Sheriffs in Oregon.  Obtaining such a position requires 16 weeks of training at the state police academy in Salem.  Some of the major employers of Deputy Sheriffs in Oregon include:

Lane County:  The Lane County Sheriff’s Department has over 300 staff members who police over 4600 square miles.  Those who seek jobs as Deputy Sheriffs in Lane County must be at least 21 years old and have a high school diploma or GED, along with two years of experience dealing with the public.  Applicants who have had two years of college are preferred.

Multnomah County:  Deputy Sheriffs with the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office provide services to those living or recreating in unincorporated parts of the county.  Law enforcement on the waterways is a major part of their efforts.

Washington County:  Deputy Sheriffs of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office are the first responders when those in the unincorporated areas of the county dial 911.  The Sheriff’s Department leads many interagency teams to deal with incidents such as hostage situations, gang enforcement, and drug trafficking.

Those seeking jobs as Deputy Sheriffs in Washington County can submit their application in person or online.  Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications undergo a series of tests, including a physical fitness test.  Training to become a Sheriff’s Deputy in Washington County is done in-house for 7-8 weeks, after which candidates train at the State Police Academy.

Jobs with Municipal Police Departments in Oregon

Those seeking jobs as Police Officers in Oregon have a number of opportunities with the many municipalities throughout the state.

Eugene:  There were no murders in Eugene in 2010 or 2011, and there was a drop in the number of rapes and motor vehicle thefts.  The Eugene Police Department works closely with the community to ensure public safety.  In a recently renovated building, they use the techniques of Data Led Policing to help fight crime in Eugene.  Those who seeking jobs as Police Officers in Eugene must first pass a test for physical ability.

Gresham: With its 120 sworn Police Officers, Gresham saw decreases in the amount of violent crime between 2010 and 2011.  Those who seek jobs as Police Officers in Gresham should contact the Human Resources Department of the city.

Portland: Portland saw a decrease in the murder rate from 2010 to 2011, although the numbers of other types of violent crime increased.  The Portland Police Bureau protects the public with over 1000 sworn officers in three precincts.  They have a number of specialized divisions, including ones for Forensic Evidence and Air Support.

Those seeking jobs as Police Officers in Portland must be at least 21 years and have a high school diploma or GED and have a minimum of additional qualifications, some of which include an associate degree or 2 years of previous law enforcement experience or military service.

Salem:  In Salem, the number of rapes decreased from 2010 to 2011, although there was an increase in the number of murders and aggravated assaults.  187 sworn officers of the Salem Police Department help to fight crime in the city using a model of Community Oriented Policing.  Those seeking jobs as Police Officers in Salem must be at least 21 years old at their time of appointment and have a high school diploma or a GED.

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