Becoming a Police Officer in Greensboro, North Carolina

The Greensboro Police Department is a full-service police organization that consists of 747 authorized employees, all of whom are dedicated to providing community policing services, crime suppression services, and an excellent quality of life for the residents of Greensboro, North Carolina.

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for individuals who want to learn how to become a cop in Greensboro by meeting the department’s specific police officer requirements:

  1. Meet Minimum Requirements
  2. Submit an Application for Employment
  3. Complete Pre-Employment Testing
  4. Undergo Background Investigation and Oral Board Interview
  5. Receive Conditional Offer of Employment and Complete Employment Testing
  6. Attend the Police Academy


Step 1. Meet Minimum Requirements

If you are interested in becoming a police officer in Greensboro, you must first review the Greensboro Police Department’s minimum eligibility requirements for employment, which include:

  • Must possess (or be able to obtain) a North Carolina driver’s license
  • Must be a United States citizen
  • Must have no felony or serious misdemeanor convictions
  • Must read at the 10th grade level or higher
  • Must possess a high school diploma or GED
  • Must be at least 21 years old by the time you complete the Police Academy

Step 2. Submit an Application for Employment

To apply for employment with the Greensboro Police Department you must complete an application packet, which includes the following forms:

  • City of Greensboro Employment Application
  • Fair Credit Reporting Notification/Acknowledgement form
  • Form F-3, Personal History Statement Booklet and Addendum
  • Greensboro Police Department Authorization and Release to Obtain Information form
  • Police Officer Application
  • Recruitment Questionnaire
  • Selective Services and Overtime Acknowledgement form

In addition to completing the above forms, you must provide the following documentation (make copies) in your application packet:

  • Birth certificate
  • High school transcripts
  • College transcripts (if applicable)
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Military Form DD-214 (if applicable)

Applications for employment are available at the following police substations:

  • 300 W. Washington Street
  • 1510 N. Church Street
  • 2602 S. Elm-Eugene Street
  • 300 S. Swing Road
  • 1106 Maple Street

You can also download and print the Police Officer Application.

The completed application packet and required documentation must be mailed to:

City of Greensboro
Human Resources Department
P.O. Box 3136
300 West Washington Street
Greensboro, NC  27402-3136

Step 3. Complete Pre-Employment Testing

Once the Department has received and reviewed your application packet you can expect to receive a letter with your testing date for both the physical and written tests. Both tests are held on the same day.

The first test, the Police Officer Physical Abilities Test (POPAT), includes a series of cardiovascular and weight-bearing exercises. Additional information on the POPAT can be found in the employment application packet.

You must complete this test in 10 minutes to move on to the written portion of the pre-employment testing process. The written test is not a test for which you can prepare or study.

Step 4. Undergo Background Investigation and Oral Board Interview

Provided you pass the written and physical fitness tests, you will be referred to the City of Greensboro Human Resources Department, where you will undergo a thorough background investigation. You will also meet with the Oral Board for a preliminary interview at this time.

Step 5. Receive Conditional Offer of Employment and Complete Employment Testing

Provided you pass the background investigation and oral interview, your information will be forward to the Department’s Selection Committee. The Selection Committee is tasked with reviewing all candidate information and recommending select candidates for a conditional offer of employment.

If you receive a conditional offer of employment, you can expect to undergo a psychological interview with a law enforcement psychologist; a medical exam; a drug screening; and a polygraph test.

Step 6. Attend the Police Academy

Once you have successfully completed all remaining employment testing, you will be seated in the Academy, where you will complete 27 weeks of academy training, followed by an additional 14 weeks of field training.

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