Becoming a Police Officer in Worcester, Massachusetts

Worcester police jobs involve protecting the citizens of this Massachusetts city from crime by upholding and enforcing local statutes. Becoming a police officer in Worcester is an arduous process, but for those who persevere, it will bring great rewards.

If you wish to know how to become a police officer in Worcester, read on to learn about the department’s requirements.

  1. Verify you hold the right qualifications
  2. Pass the Civil Service Exam
  3. Pass an interview and background investigation
  4. Pass medical, psychological, drug and physical fitness screening
  5. Complete Worcester Police Officer Training


Step 1.  Meet the Qualifications for Worcester Police Officer Candidacy

You must meet qualifications before applying to take the exam to become a Worcester police officer. They are:

  • Age 21 or older
  • U.S. citizen
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Valid Massachusetts driver’s license
  • Preference is given to Worcester city residents
  • Preference is given to military veterans

If you meet these qualifications, contact the Boston division of the human resource department for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by calling this number at 800-392-6178 for an application. You may also pick up an application at the HR department for the City of Worcester located at City Hall, 455 Main St.

Step 2. Pass the Civil Service Exam

The Civil Service Exam for Police Officer in Massachusetts is offered every two years. The next test date is April 20, 2013. You must pass this exam before you can be considered to become a police officer in Worcester. The fee to take the exam is $100, and you must apply by March 18 to take the April 20 exam.

Three parts exist in the three-hour long Civil Service Exam:

  • Abilities Test- measures:
    • Reading comprehension
    • Deductive reasoning
    • Inductive reasoning
    • Written comprehension
    • Written expression
    • Information ordering
  • Work Styles Questionnaire – you will be asked to rate yourself on different qualities necessary to become a police officer in Worcester
  • Life Experience Survey – multiple choice questions that relate your past history to your ability to become an effective Worcester police officer

If you pass the Civil Service Exam, you will be placed on a list of persons eligible to become a police officer in Worcester. You may be called from this list to proceed in the hiring process, but this is not guaranteed. If you fail the exam, you may re-take it when it is given again in two years.

Step 3. Pass an Interview and Background Investigation

You may be called from the list of those eligible for hire to become a police officer in Worcester. If you are, the next phase in the hiring process is to fill out an application packet in its entirety. This application is lengthy and will tell you what documentation is necessary to facilitate the process.

You will then be called to an interview, at which time you must bring the completed application packet and documents requested. The background investigator of the Worcester Police Department will meet with you and ask you questions about the information you have provided. He or she will then fully investigate your background in all aspects of your life – including financial, personal, family, residential, employment, education, and military. If it is discovered that you lied on your application about anything, you will immediately be disqualified from the rest of the hiring process.

Step 4. Pass a Medical Exam, Physical Ability Test, Psychological Exam and Drug Screening Test

If you succeed at passing the background investigation, you will be contacted to complete the pre-hire psychological, drug and medical examinations. Professionals appointed by the Worcester Police Department will perform all tests. Your medical fitness to become a Worcester Police Officer will be judged, as will your emotional and mental stability. You will also be tested for drug and substance use. Any un-reported drugs found in your system will immediately disqualify you from the remainder of the hiring process.

Finally, if you are found to be medically fit, you will take the Physical Ability Test. The fee for this test is $150. You will be tested in four events that simulate police work, including crowd control, trigger strength, drag ability and an obstacle course. You must pass all events in order to pass the test. If you fail, you may re-take the test in a few days at another cost of $150. If you pass, you will receive an offer to become a police officer in Worcester.

Step 5. Complete Worcester Police Officer Training

Congratulations! You have made it and are now a Worcester Police Officer, ready to enter the department’s training academy! You will attend the Worcester Police Academy for 25 weeks of training.  At the end of your training and prior to graduation from the academy, you will participate in simulated scenarios utilizing everything you have learned.

If you graduate, you will become a Worcester Police Officer, and will ride with a senior Police Officer for a few months on the job while you become acclimated to the position.

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