Essex County Sheriff's Department Jobs

This guide is designed for qualified candidates interested in learning how to become an Essex County sheriff’s deputy. To complete the entire process usually takes between 9-12 weeks, and proceeds along these following steps:

  1. Application and Minimum Requirements
  2. Oral Board Interview
  3. Background Investigation
  4. Medical Examination
  5. Physical Fitness Evaluation
  6. Psychological Evaluation and Final Review
  7. Training Academy


Step 1. Minimum Requirements and Application

Before you fill out an application for Essex County sheriff’s department jobs you should first check to make sure you meet the basic minimum requirements. These are:

  • At least 21 years old
  • U.S. citizen
  • Driver’s license
  • Possess one or more of:
    • An associate’s degree
    • 60 credits towards a bachelor’s degree
    • Two years of military experience with an honorable discharge

If your application is filled out neither completely nor legibly it will not be considered. Make sure to sign all places that require a signature and include copies of all the forms required to complete your application packet. You will be notified if chosen to continue with the application process, at which point you will be scheduled for an oral board interview.

Step 2. Oral Board Interview

You will be interviewed by a panel of sheriff’s officials in a formal setting where you will be evaluated on your abilities, knowledge, and skills relating to sheriff deputy jobs in Essex County. Of particular consideration will be your ability to make quick objective decisions, interpersonal relations skills, and resistance to stress. You will also be asked about your previous employment history, life accomplishments, and future goals. You will additionally have the opportunity to ask any questions you have.

Step 3. Background Investigation

If you are considered the right candidate you will proceed to be the subject of a background investigation. Your qualifying credentials will be reviewed, and the background investigator assigned to your case may additionally conduct interviews with any of the following people:

  • Ex-spouses or partners
  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Acquaintances
  • Former managers or coworkers
  • Former or current neighbors
  • Members of your religious congregation, if any

Your driving record, financial records, criminal history, moral history (including previous illegal drug use), and military history, if any, may also be investigated. It is recommended to be up front and honest during this process. Being found to be untrustworthy is as bad or worse than anything that could be discovered about your past.

Step 4. Medical Examination

Next you will be required to pass a medical exam conducted by a licensed physician. This will include a physical, lab work, and a drug screening. If you fail the drug screening you will not be considered for employment with the Essex County Sheriff’s Department at any time in the future. If you fail for temporary injury or health problems you will be notified when you may retake the medical exam.

Step 5. Physical Fitness Evaluation

As an Essex County deputy sheriff you will need to be in good physical shape to perform your job duties which include running, jumping, and a variety of other unconventional physical activities. To determine your basic abilities you will be required to complete a physical agility test. This will be calibrated to your age and gender, with the following requirements being for individuals between the ages of 20-29:

  • Female
    • Push-ups: 15
    • Sit-ups: 32
    • Sit and reach: 19.3 inches
    • 1.5 mile run: 15:05 or less

  • Male
    • Push-ups: 29
    • Sit-ups: 38
    • Sit and reach: 16.5
    • 1.5 mile run: 12:29

Step 6. Psychological Evaluation and Final Review

You will additionally have to complete a psychological review to ensure you have the right temperament for a job with the Essex County sheriff’s department. This will test your ability to handle stress and work-place pressure. Upon completion the sheriff’s department will review your entire file and compare it with those of other applicants. All candidates will be ranked and the top among them will be selected to proceed to the training academy.

The Essex County sheriff’s department prefers all candidates for deputy sheriff jobs to first work as correctional officers before transitioning to deputy. Depending on the availability of the deputy position you may be required to complete a basic training academy that includes an additional portion for correctional officers. Upon your transition to deputy you may then receive additional academy training.

Step 7. Training Academy

The Essex County Sheriff Department Training Academy lasts nine weeks and will provide you with meals and lodging Monday through Friday. You will have the weekends off and be expected to report back to the training academy Sunday night. You will receive training in all the relevant subject areas that will be required to prepare you for a successful career as a deputy sheriff. Areas of focus include:

  • CPR and first aid
  • Firearms training
  • Legal procedures
  • Domestic violence and family issues
  • Patrol techniques
  • Driving maneuvers
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Collision investigation
  • Administration of field sobriety tests

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