Orleans Parish Sheriff's Department Jobs

If you’re interested in learning how to become an Orleans Parish sheriff’s deputy, review these steps:

  1. Minimum Qualifications and Apply
  2. Tests and Interviews
  3. Background Investigation and Polygraph Test
  4. Medical Exam and Psychological Evaluation
  5. Training Academy


Step 1. Meet the Minimum Qualifications and Apply

Before filling out an application for Orleans Parish sheriff’s department jobs you should make sure you meet their basic qualifications for employment, which are:

  • U.S. citizen
  • Driver’s license
  • High school graduate or have a GED
  • Honorable discharge from the military, if applicable
  • No felony or domestic violence convictions
  • At least 21 years old

When filling out your application, do so completely and legibly in blue or black ink. You can mail in your application or drop it off in person at the sheriff’s human resources department in New Orleans. Make sure to sign all places where a signature is required and include photocopies of the following documents:

  • Driver’s license
  • Updated resume
  • Social security card
  • Birth certificate
  • High school diploma or GED

Step 2. Tests and Interview

Before you will be scheduled for an interview you must pass a basic school ability education test. This will measure your reading, writing, and comprehension level. You must be able to pass at the 11th grade level to be considered for sheriff deputy jobs in Orleans Parish. Upon successful completion you will have your first interview with a panel of sheriff’s department officials. They will ask you questions about your past employment history and whether or not you have a criminal record or any other issues that would disqualify you from the position. You will also have an opportunity to ask any questions you have as well. Once your interview is completed you will be required to pass a short physical abilities test in the events of running, push-ups, and sit-ups.

Step 3. Background Investigation and Polygraph Test

After a successful interview you will have an investigator assigned to complete a background investigation of your past personal, professional, financial, criminal, and driving history. As part of your initial application you will have provided a list of your past employers, relatives, and places you have lived. Your background investigator will conduct interviews with your former neighbors, friends, and family among others, in addition to checking your name against database records.

Your initial application also includes a polygraph pre-screening questionnaire you are required to complete. Your polygraph examiner may ask you a wide range of questions about your past actions and viewpoints, not limited to the following subject areas:

  • Past criminal activities, including those for which you were not caught
  • Past instances of deviant behavior or thoughts
  • Instances of theft from anyone, including former employers
  • Any instance where you have taken advantage of someone
  • Any instance when you have been fired or asked to resign
  • Past illegal drug sale, purchase, or use, or the abuse of prescription drugs
  • Buying merchandise you knew was stolen
  • Any other sources of income you presently have

Step 4. Medical Exam and Psychological Evaluation

After the successful completion of your background check and polygraph examination you will have a medical examination. This will comprise of lab work, a physical, and a urinalysis drug test. You will be evaluated for common pre-existing conditions or those to which you are predisposed because of your medical history. You will also undergo a psychological evaluation to test your ability to handle stress and the stability of your metal state. Once your examining doctor and psychologist determine you are qualified, you will be cleared to begin the training academy. You will have time to consult with sheriff’s department officials about any questions you have before your first day of the academy.

Step 5. Training Academy

To begin your job as an Orleans Parish sheriff deputy you must complete about 12 weeks in a Louisiana-certified Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) academy. The Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Department will keep you informed when the next training academy is scheduled to begin. You will live on campus and be allowed to leave for the weekends. You will receive the training needed to be a successful Orleans County deputy sheriff, with instruction in the fields of:

  • Firearms training
  • Self-defense and defensive procedures
  • Driving techniques and maneuvers
  • Patrol techniques
  • CPR and first aid
  • Legal procedures
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Criminal justice system

Graduation from the training academy qualifies you to begin your new career as an Orleans Parish deputy sheriff. You will initially be partnered with a senior training officer who will ride with you the first few weeks to help you get adjusted and learn the appropriate procedures.

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