East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Department Jobs

East Baton Rouge Parish deputy sheriff jobs are competitive. Researching how to become an East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff deputy will give you the advantage of knowing what to expect so as to make you a better candidate.

The steps involved in the application and hiring process are as follows:

  1. Apply and Meet Basic Requirements
  2. Physical Fitness and Dry-Fire Assessment
  3. Oral Interview
  4. Criminal History and Credit Check
  5. Polygraph Examination
  6. Psychological Assessment and Medical Examination
  7. Training Academy


Step 1: Apply and Meet Basic Requirements

Before you fill out an application it is helpful to determine if you meet the following basic qualifications for consideration:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • High school diploma or GED
  • No convictions of felonies or crimes of moral turpitude
  • Louisiana driver’s license or ability to obtain one upon hire
  • Meet at least one of the following requirements
    • One year of experience as a certified law enforcement officer
    • One year of continuous active military service
    • Three years of full-time work experience
    • 90 semester hours of higher education
    • A combination of work and education experience

When you turn in the application for East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff’s department jobs, make sure it is legibly and completely filled out in blue or black ink. You may drop off your completed application along with all required photocopied documents at the sheriff’s department human resources office in Baton Rouge, Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 4:00pm. Make sure to include the following photocopies:

  • Driver’s license
  • Birth certificate
  • High school diploma, college transcripts, or GED
  • Signed social security card
  • DD214 if you served in the military
  • Court documents, if applicable
  • Peace Officer Standards and Training, if applicable
  • Doctor’s form
  • Your release from liability form

Step 2: Physical Fitness and Dry-Fire Assessment

When you turn in your completed application you will be scheduled for a physical fitness and dry-fire assessment. You will receive a confirmation phone call instructing you on the time and location of the assessment. All sheriff deputy jobs in East Baton Rouge Parish require the successful completion of this test, which consists of the following events and passing requirements:

  • Sit and Reach: 16.5 inches
  • Sit-ups: 27 in one minute
  • Push-ups: 18
  • 1.5 mile run: 15.33 minutes
  • 30 seconds to complete 45 trigger pulls, tested in both hands
  • 6 trigger pulls while steadying revolver barrel

Step 3: Oral Interview

Once you have demonstrated your basic physical abilities you will be scheduled for an oral interview with a panel of sheriff’s department officials. You will be asked about your motivations for wanting to become an East Baton Rouge Parish deputy sheriff and any issues that may disqualify you or be incompatible with this position. You will be questioned about your past employment history, relationships, illegal activity, and any other range of topics. Anything asked during your oral interview may be reexamined during your polygraph examination.

Step 4: Criminal History and Credit Check

After a successful oral interview you will proceed with a criminal history and credit check. You will be required to list any convictions or court appearances made throughout your lifetime, and your name will be checked against local and national databases. Your fingerprints may additionally be required. A credit check will be conducted and you will be asked about any outstanding judgments or ongoing cases in which you are involved. You will be required to list all the financial institutions with which you conduct business or maintain accounts.

Step 5: Polygraph Examination

Your polygraph examination will be administered by a professional technician. You may be asked any questions previously discussed during your oral interview or about issues discovered during your criminal history investigation and credit check. Other polygraph test subjects areas can include:

  • Past criminal activity for which you have never been caught
  • History of illegal drug use or prescription drug misuse, or the sale or purchase thereof
  • Theft of any property from previous employers
  • Previous workplace fraud: time-card cheating, sick days, workers compensation claims
  • Ever having bought or sold sexual activity

Step 6: Psychological Assessment and Medical Examination

This is your last step before you will be cleared to begin the training academy. A psychological risk assessment will be performed to determine if you are likely to be able to withstand the stress and pressure that comes with East Baton Rouge Parish jobs as sheriff deputies. An additional medical physical and examination will be performed to ensure you are healthy with no undiscovered maladies. Once you are given a clean bill of psychological and physical health you will be ready to begin the training academy.

Step 7: Training Academy

You will attend the Capital Area Regional Training Academy (CARTA) as the final step on the road to becoming an East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff deputy. This academy conforms to the Louisiana Peace Officer Standards and Training requirements, and offers 12 weeks of training where you will live on-campus and be provided with meals. You will be allowed weekend leave and be expected to report back to the academy by Sunday night. The academy will cover all the basic skills you will need, including:

  • First aid and CPR
  • Legal regulations and procedures
  • Self-defense and defensive tactics
  • Firearms training
  • Driving techniques and maneuvers
  • Vehicular accident investigation
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Survival skills

Additionally the academy requires that you as a student:

  • Behave like a mature adult
  • Conduct yourself with professionalism and treat others courteously
  • Pass all tests with at least a 70% grade, with one chance to correct a failing grade
  • Not use any tobacco products on the academy grounds
  • Excuse any absence with the following circumstances:
    • Personal illness
    • Serious illness or death of a family member
    • Court appearance
    • Other emergencies

Upon graduation you may begin your new career as a East Baton Rouge Parish deputy sheriff. Depending on your experience you may be paired with a training officer who will help you adjust to your new job and show you how to carry out basic procedures.

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