Law Enforcement Careers in Louisiana

In Louisiana, police training is conducted at the state, parish, and city levels. Police jobs in Louisiana have many similarities no matter what the jurisdictional region, with the overall goal of service and protection for local citizens.

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Jobs with the Louisiana State Police

The LSP includes an internal affairs, protective services, public affairs, and deputy secretary division. It also has a bureau of investigations as well as a patrol unit. Troopers and special officers who make up the LSP investigate everything from insurance fraud to gaming enforcement. Recently more than two dozen Louisiana State Troopers were deployed to help with hurricane cleanup operations elsewhere in the United States. Prospective employees must fulfill a prerequisite that includes either a college education, previous law enforcement or military experience, government employment, or some combination of the four.

Parish Sheriff’s Departments in Louisiana

Law enforcement jobs in sheriff’s departments require deputies to have a minimum education which includes a high school diploma or GED equivalency.

Orleans Parish: Located in the parish that serves New Orleans, the Orleans Sheriff’s Department has come up with a unique way to meet the challenge of maintaining law and order posed each year during the celebration of Mardi Gras: the booking bus. Also known as an intake and processing compound, people arrested for minor violations will be taken aboard the bus, fingerprinted, photographed, and booked on-site. Employees with the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Department must pass a written, polygraph, drug, and physical test in addition to a personal interview.

East Baton Rouge Parish: In the year 2010 the EBRP Sheriff’s Department reports there were 682 crimes against persons and 8,375 crimes against property. However these statistics represent an overall decrease from the previous year’s levels by more than eight percent. Uniform Patrol Deputy requirements include either a college education, past work experience as a certified peace officer, previous military service, or a combination of these to equal a certain amount of time and experience.

Caddo Parish: Recently a sheriff’s deputy obtained an arrest warrant for a church treasurer accused of stealing $31,746 from the church’s building fund. In another case a teacher from a local school was arrested by a Caddo Parish sheriff’s detective on charges including prohibited sexual conduct between a student and teacher. Employment requirements for sheriff’s deputies include passing a reading comprehension, psychological, and medical exam.

Jobs with Municipal Police Departments in Louisiana

Law enforcement careers in Louisiana’s cities require good moral standing of the prospective officer as well as a high school diploma or GED.

New Orleans PD: The NOPD is divided into the bureaus of investigation and support, field operations, management services, and public integrity. The NOPD received nearly 504,000 calls in 2012 and divide the city into eight districts. Employment with the NOPD requires the applicant to have either sixty college credits or two years of full time military service.

Baton Rouge PD: This police department is responsible for 228,000 citizens over an area spanning 76 square miles. The work to serve and protect is divided between 698 officers and 188 specialists and civilians. To join the ranks of these officers requires the applicant to have no criminal record, and pay increases according to the applicant’s level of education.

Shreveport PD: The Shreveport dispatch center routes approximately 575 officers to respond to over 250,000 calls each year. Duties include everything from parades and festivals to investigations and traffic enforcement. Applicants must pass a civil service exam to be considered for employment.

Lafayette PD: The Lafayette PD is organized into the divisions of criminal investigations, public affairs, SWAT, and patrol support. The SWAT Team specializes in hostage, barricade, and sniper situations. To join the Lafayette Police Department, potential candidates must pass medical, psychological, physical fitness, and polygraph examinations.

Lake Charles PD: The original town constable of Lake Charles was a blacksmith and Civil War veteran. From those days to the present, officers at the Lake Charles Police Department conduct patrols, enforce the law, and keep the city of Lake Charles safe. Employment seekers must pass a civil service exam to be considered for the position of officer.

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