Shawnee County Sheriff Department Jobs

Jobs with the Shawnee County Sheriff’s Department, located in northeast Kansas, involves serving the city of Topeka, the state capital and county seat of Kansas, as well as twelve townships. If you are interested in learning how to become a Shawnee County Sheriff’s Deputy, follow these steps:

  1. Qualifications
  2. Initial Physical and Written Testing
  3. Background Check and Interview
  4. Medical Exam and Drug Test
  5. Probationary Sheriff Deputy


Step 1. Meeting the Qualifications

Here are some of the qualifications that the Shawnee County Sheriff Department looks for when hiring deputy sheriffs:

  • High school graduate or GED certificate
  • U.S. citizenship
  • Possess or obtain a valid Kansas driver’s license
  • No felony or domestic convictions
  • Height and weight in good proportion
  • In good health
  • Good credit history

Step 2. Initial Physical and Written Testing

The Shawnee County Sheriff Department periodically schedules testing for the position of deputy sheriff. As part of the testing process, the following steps will take place. You must pass each step before proceeding to the next one.

  • Step 1) Height and weight verified to ensure minimum standards are met. For example, for applicants that measure 68 inches, a woman’s maximum weight is 170 pounds and for a man, it is 181 pounds.
  • Step 2) Physical ability test, which includes completing: four laps, with each lap 110 yards and consisting of climbing a four (4) foot wall; running up and down stairs; pulling the trigger of a gun multiple times in each hand; performing  a jump and then change direction. After each lap is completed, applicants must lift eighty (80) pounds above their waist and carry the weight approximately twenty (20) yards.
  • Step 3) Written examination that tests reading comprehension, mathematics, grammar and incident report writing. A score of 70 percent must be achieved in each section.  Study guides are available for purchase in Human Resources for $4.00.

Within ten (10) days, you will receive a letter with the results of your testing. If you have passed the written examination, you will receive the following documents: a Personal History Statement and Personal Information Form. Fill out and return these documents by the date indicated in the accompanying letter. Note that there are pages in the Personal History Statement that require the signature of a Notary Public. These additional certified documents must also be submitted (all original copies will be returned): birth certificate; high school transcript or GED certificate; college transcripts; Military Form DD 214 (if applicable).

Step 3. Background Check and Interview

The applications of candidates that successfully pass the initial physical and written testing process will be submitted for consideration to the Sheriff’s Office.

  • A background investigation will be performed.
  • Candidates that pass the background check will be contacted for an interview with the Professional Standards Unit.
  • Polygraph examination will be administered
  • Candidates will be ranked and a list provided to the Sheriff
  • Sheriff will interview each candidate and select those who will receive a conditional offer of employment

Step 4. Medical Exam and Drug Test

Candidates will then undergo a pre-employment physical, drug screen testing and a psychological examination. Those who successfully pass the final round of testing will be given a final offer of employment and become a probationary sheriff deputy.

Step 5. Accept a Probationary Sheriff Deputy Position and Receive Training

All probationary Sheriff Deputies will initially work with a Field Training Offer for on-the-job training. In addition, during your 18 month probation period, you will attend an accredited Law Enforcement Training Center.

The starting salary for a Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office Deputy is $16.54 Per Hour.

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