Becoming a Police Officer in Bridgeport, Connecticut

The Bridgeport Police Department is dedicated to serving Bridgeport’s 145,638 residents (2011 census) “through the protection of life and property and the prevention of crime.”

Bridgeport was recently the recipient of a $5 million federal stimulus grant allowing the department to create 20 new police jobs for officers who will work on the strategic enforcement team, which focuses on preventing and reducing teen, gang and drug-related crime.

This guide describes the steps you must take in order to join Bridgeport’s team of dedicated police officers. If you’re interested in learning how to become a police officer in Bridgeport, Connecticut, follow the steps in this guide:

  1. Check Requirements and Submit Application
  2. Take Written Examination
  3. Participate in an Oral Panel Interview
  4. Be Fingerprinted and have Background Investigated
  5. Take Physical Fitness Test
  6. Have a Psych Evaluation
  7. Take a Physical Exam with Drug Screening
  8. Attend Training Academy


Step 1. Requirements and Application

Check the following requirements for Bridgeport police officer to see if you qualify:

  • U.S. Citizen
  • At Least 21 Years Old
  • High School Graduate or its Equivalent
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • No Felony, Perjury, or Class A or B Misdemeanor Convictions
  • Vision Correctable to 20/20

If you meet all of these requirements, check to see if there are any current openings here. You can also visit or call the Bridgeport Police Department, 300 Congress St., Bridgetown CT 06604; 203/576-8332. Once an opening is posted, follow the instructions for submitting your online application. If your application is accepted you will be notified where and when to begin the testing process.

Step 2. Written Examination

The multiple-choice test is designed to assess the strength of qualities, like good judgment, that are essential for work as a police officer. The questions describe different situations you might encounter in law enforcement and you have to choose the best response.

Step 3. Oral Panel Interview

You will be interviewed by a panel that includes at least one Connecticut POST officer (Police Officer Standards and Training).

Step 4. Fingerprinting and Background Investigation

You will be fingerprinted and your prints will be checked with the police database to be sure you have no criminal record. There will also be a professional investigation of your background, including school performance, credit history, driving record, employment history and interpersonal relations.

Step 5. Physical Fitness Test

Wear exercise clothes and shoes to complete a test involving four timed components:

  • Sit-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Sit and reach exercises
  • 1.5-mile run

The timing and number of repetitions required will be adjusted for age and gender.

Step 6. Psych Evaluation

A psychologist will evaluate your mental suitability for the work of a police officer.

Step 7. Physical Exam/Drug Screening

You will undergo a drug screening and thorough physical exam by a licensed physician.

Step 8. Academy

If you successfully complete all of the previous steps you will attend the Connecticut Police Academy in Meriden where you will spend 22 weeks, from 8 a.m. Monday to 6 p.m. Friday. The curriculum includes 17 academic classes covering a wide variety of criminal justice subjects and 12 practical skills classes. You will be free to return to your home on weekends. After graduating from the Academy you will spend 400 additional hours in field training before being certified as a Bridgeport Police Officer.

 Bridgeport Police Department Jobs

Special opportunities for Bridgeport police officers include serving as members of the following Divisions:

  • Narcotics Enforcement
  • Scuba Team
  • Marine Unit
  • Strategic Enforcement Team
  • Detective Bureau
  • Emergency Services
  • Hostage Negotiation Team
  • K-9 Unit

The average annual salary for Bridgeport police officers is $60,469.

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